Our labels are produced in Leicester, UK – the company is a family run business and is one of the last remaining UK label manufacturers that still make all labels in-house. Here our woven neck labels are produced, as well as our printed composition and quality labels.

Woven Labels

Before the neck label can be woven, the artwork has to be converted into a digital format that the loom understands. Every single stitch is marked by hand on a computer screen. This is then given to the weaving department which feeds the file into huge, German label looms. Depending on the intricacies of a label, these looms can make between 6000 and 20,000 labels per day. Once all labels are woven, they are rolled back onto a reel and given to the cutting team, who set up the cutting and folding machine with millimeter precision. After all labels are cut and folded, they are bagged and shipped.

Printed Labels

Our printed labels and stickers are made by first creating a set of rubber stamps that are wrapped around cylinders. Eech cylinder of rubber stamps has ink manually applied to it. When the ribbon passes a cylinder, it is stamped with the impression of a rubber stamp. It is then moved past a heater which dries and cures the ink, before the ribbon is rolled back onto itself and either boxed or cut and then bagged.