OAR quality heavy sustainable organic white T-shirt
OAR quality heavy sustainable organic white T-shirt
OAR heavy quality sustainable organic white T-shirt sleeve
OAR heavy quality sustainable organic white T-shirt neckline
OAR quality heavy sustainable organic white T-shirt



This ageless wardrobe staple has been designed with timelessness in mind and crafted to last. The subtle rib around the neck reinforces the neckline so it doesn’t stretch and makes sure it lays flat. Discover below how the garment is made and why we think its so great.

  • 100% GOTS certified long staple cotton.
  • The cotton fibers have been spun into a 30/1 fully combed ringspun compacted yarn.
  • Before the T-shirt is assembled, the jersey has been pre-shrunk to avoid any loss of fit, shrinkage or twisting of side seams.
  • All dying has been done in a closed loop circuit using only low impact dyes and renewable energy.
  • Every person involved in the supply chain has received a fair wage.
  • Discover more about the making of this garment below.

  • Fits true to size
  • Model is 177cm/5’10” is wearing a size M and a size L
  • Size guide


To ensure the longest life and maintain the highest quality of this garment, machine wash it cold with like-colours and do not to tumble dry it unless absolutely necessary, as it wears out the fibres. If the colour becomes dull over time, you can re-dye your T-shirt in the washing machine. But most importantly, do not discard this T-shirt before it’s absolutely worn out – it means a lot to us and to your T-shirt.


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S, M, L

Renewable energy

T-shirts have been made using renewable energy.

Pesticides + Fertilisers

Owing to reductions in energy use from fertilisers, chemicals and machine operations, organic cotton saves up to 60% on overall energy use.


Organic cotton is largely rain-fed, which can save up to 60% water in comparison with irrigated cotton which are common to conventional cotton.

Fair wages

All labour has been paid a fair wage, and no child labour is permitted at any stage in the supply chain.

Life Cycle

We have strived to make the highest quality T-shirt that will last many washes and wears.


All dyes are low impact dyes and every T-shirt is dyed in a closed-loop system, in which all waste water is cleaned and purified.

From soil to closet

Farming & Picking


Renewable Energy

Spinning & Knitting



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